Lectures and Seminars

How to travel from Kaunas?

How to travel from Kaunas:

You can take a train Kaunas-Vilnius, then a trolleybus No. 2 from train station and travel to "Šv. Petro ir Povilo bažnyčia" bus stop. Then take 6 min walk to our office at Sporto st. 18.

Big Data Analytics in Adform

May 19 2016 04:30 PM

Adform Academy lecture by Ramūnas Balukonis "Big Data Analytics in Adform" will cover such topics as:

  • What is Big Data?
  • Big Data Analytics use cases in Adform.
  • Intro to columnar databases.
  • 24x7 mode: "Rack - awareness" & "Data center - awereness".
  • Support and HW cost.
  • Best practices of DB tuning.

: Ramūnas Balukonis
Senior Developer at Adform

A Day in the Life of a Modern Web Developer

April 28 2016 02:00 PM

In this lecture Mykolas Šaučiūnas will show how prevailing stereotypes about web developer's working patterns and preferred technologies are wrong. Today web developers not only create pages, but also maintain databases and CRUD operations, business logic implementations, unit testing, deployment management, and so on.. 

SpeakerMykolas Šaučiūnas
UX Unit Leader at Adform

My Brilliant Testing Ideas vs. Your Critical Thinking: A Challenge

March 9 2016 07:00 PM

James Bach will present some real testing solutions that he has provided to his clients. They are solutions that James is genuinely proud of in some way- yet they have interesting flaws. Can you find the flaws? J. Bach will present them as good practices, and explain why they are good. Then you may question him as critically as you wish.

"I will stand and answer every question, no matter how aggressive and doubting it may be. Do your worst!" - says James.

After you get the chance to criticize, he will reveal his own criticisms and regrets. In so doing, James hopes he will help you protect yourself from "best practice" thinking foisted on you by other leaders, too. Meanwhile, he will learn from you, too.


Register at learn.adform.com and visit http://www.bugsaloud.lt/ for more information.

Data Science in Practice: Ad Click Prediction in Adform

February 10 2016 04:00 PM

You will learn about our data infrastructure and data science work that goes into predicting ad-clicks.
Every day we receive as many as 50 billion bid requests and need to evaluate click-probabilities 100 billion times in a split of a second. Accurate estimates of these probabilities are essential for real-time bidding campaigns to perform well.
We will describe how we use historical data to predict the future and how we know if we are doing it well.

Speaker: Vainius Indilas, Data Scientist

Where: Adform office (Sporto st. 18, Vilnius)

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