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How to travel from Kaunas?

How to travel from Kaunas:

You can take a train Kaunas-Vilnius, then a trolleybus No. 2 from train station and travel to "Šv. Petro ir Povilo bažnyčia" bus stop. Then take 6 min walk to our office at Sporto st. 18.

Workshop: Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with C# and Xamarin.Forms

December 1 2016 04:30 PM

During this workshop Alius Petraška, Senior Developer at Adform, will cover the entire Xamarin platform including Xamarin.Forms. You will dive into tooling, project setup, controls, navigation, data-binding, and more fundamentals. You will also go deeper to cover tapping into native functionality, adding custom controls, animations, and advanced XAML data binding. By the end of the workshop you will have built your first mobile application with Xamarin.Forms from start to finish.

Each participant should:

  • Have a Windows or a Mac device;
  • Install Xamarin Studio;
  • Install Xamarin IOS and/or Xamarin Android
  • Install Xamarin Android Player or Genymotion
  • Install Visual Studio Community 2013


  • If you have a Windows device you can create Windows and Android applications. To create iOS applications is always required a Mac, and in this case you can create iOS and Android application using Xamarin Studio. With a Mac and Windows running in Parallels or VMware is possible to create the three targets at the same time (but is required a Windows Phone device to do the deploy!).

  • Xamarin Plugin for Visual Studio in only available for Business plan and for developers that participate in Open Source projects.

One Year Later: The Value of Using Xamarin

November 10 2016 05:00 PM

So, you are a Windows programmer? Most probably, using technologies you’re familiar with, you’ve tried to create a program which would work on different platforms, and you didn’t succeed?

It’s time to use your C# skills and think of how to create iOS and Android apps. Most people think that only specific programming languages, like Objective-C and Java, are suitable for this. However, over the past few years a brand-new ecosystem of platforms, dedicated to creating mobile apps, has emerged. During the lecture, Alius Petraška will explain how Xamarin stands out and how to start working with it, also how knowledge of Windows Phone ecosystem and tools can help you in this situation.

This lecture will followed-up by a workshop, more info here.

Speaker: Alius Petraška, Senior Developer @ Adform


Modern Architecture of Single Page Applications: React+Redux Case Study

August 25 2016 04:30 PM

Increasingly complicated frontend applications need to manage their complex state, which can include asynchronous server responses, UI state, etc. This can easily get out of control and slow down the development by making internal application state opaque and non-deterministic. Such state makes very hard to reproduce bugs and add new features. To help us deal with such problems we can use Redux library and React framework. Redux (simpler implementation of Flux pattern) helps us by introducing strict state management. React helps by quickly reflecting state changes in the view layer of you application. 

Come to the lecture and hear Matas talking more about this topic.


Speaker: Matas Šeimys
Developer at Adform

Microsoft Cognitive Services: Give Your Apps a Human Side

June 2 2016 04:30 PM

Adform Academy lecture by Vytautas Vaičys. About the lecture in his own words:

"I bet that almost every developer has these dreams imagining where their application might be heading in the next 3 to 5 years. We see beautiful, intuitive, easy to navigate interfaces, usable artificial intelligence, natural speech interface and maybe even a human touch. If you think about it, we already have this emergent functionality in our personal computer assistants today. Let's explore what Microsoft's research division has been working on to help us bring some of these dreams to life."


SpeakerVytautas Vaičys
Developer, computing enthusiast, .NET lover, geek

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