Recommend .net developer - get iPad!

2013 07 04

Are you tough enough?


Follow up on Crazy Project!

2013 07 04

Wonder how our Academy students are dealing with their tasks? The answer is "just great!". Take a look at technical workshop by Remigijus Čeikauskas about ASP.MVC framework. Our Academy students working on project 'Optimizing online advertising banners' met at our Kaunas office. They look busy and inspired:





Crazy Project update: "Kill a Zombie"

2013 06 09

Great news! We are going to have one more team working on outdoor game "Kill a zombie". Kill zombies on a big screen while using your phone! We will share our progress and of course code will be available in GitHub.

Very brief project description is available here -
One thing is missing at the moment - how zombies should look like? Hopefully image search will help us :)

 p.s. don't forget to check upcoming lectures -

It Happened! Software Development with Adform

2012 11 09

Last Thursday we had great annual event in Lithuania Agile Tour 2012. A group of different presenters from Lithuania and abroad were sharing their experience embracing Agile methodologies in three different tracks. The new thing this year was the fourth track – very technical and very practical one – Software Development Open Space by Adform. In a previous technical blog post we described the idea behind and the way we planned to run it, so this is follow-up post.


01 Open Space