"I wish I had a unicorn" - whaaat?!?

2013 07 29

“I wish I had a brother, a toy gun, a pony and a unicorn, Mom!” Sounds familiar? What is amazing, is the fact that parents will try their best to fulfill all of the wishes of their beloved child.

Now imagine that “Mom” is a team of developers and the “kid” is one of 100+ clients, sales guys and other people in the organization. In such context it becomes pretty hard for the “Mom” to deliver what everyone wishes for.

Nowadays it is more and more escalated that “transparency” is the new “motivation”. Great, as we do have a challenge with controlling the constant flow of wishes and requests, we might actually use the principle of transparency. How, you might wonder? By putting all the requests on a map and nicely visualizing the connections, argumentation and usage of each and every requested feature once it is implemented.

As 1 million developers using the Maps API say – let’s reimagine the map.

Join us and try it out yourself!

Unicorn 121203

Crazy project update: "Rate the meeting"

2013 07 09

"Rate the meeting" project is getting more and more interesting as we are moving towards writing code and unit tests! We are making it opened source: all the code and documents may be found and reviewed :) here.

We have great team, backlog full of ideas and strong will to get it done.

Hope we will create useful peace of software for everyone to optimize their everyday work.

Zombies are coming!

2013 07 09

We finally started to make new outdoor game. Project schedule doesn't look very optimistic after initial planning and first iteration. But we will see how our velocity changes after several iterations. :) You can check our code here -

But we are ready to share some ideas how game could look like! :)

What do you think? Any comments are welcome


Adform Academy is growing!

2013 07 04

We are extremely happy that Adform academy is growing fast and currently we have 6 ongoing projects, with 5 more on the way!. Moreover, our lectures seems to attract more and more audience, and last time we had personal record as 17 people joined our “Real life applications of mathematics!”




We are always glad to see you! If you couldn’t join our lecture before, don’t get upset, you can read the about the topics discussed and come back with questions and suggestions!

Let’s meet soon!