Update on "Social Network that Matters"

2015 03 09

Social network that matters. Don’t buy it? Niam answers the most important question that we face every single day: what do I eat for lunch? Niam, as you’ve probably guessed already, is the name of social-network-to-be.


More details will come when we finish it and now let’s talk about our experiences up until now. We are working as a Scrum team. In the beginning, we were focusing on our back-end development. We chose to build our project using MongoDB and NodeJS. None of us had used a document-oriented database before yet we managed to create awesome services that suit our needs.



Moreover, after a couple of sprints we set up an automated environment to work in. We’ve been using Grunt to concatenate, minimize, run tests, and lint ever since. However, we didn’t stop there, we set up Travis to build our project and inform us about any failings tests. Not only we learned to use different automation tools but also we saved a lot of time.


Finally, we moved to work on our front-end. AngularJS was our tool of choice. With responsive design in mind, we coupled it with Bootstrap. However, some other tools demanded more consideration, for example it tooks a lot of debates when deciding between BEM and Atomic design patterns for our css. After we finally decided to stick with BEM, Sass was a natural choice for a preprocessor.


We’ve already completed a lot of work and improved our skills extensively. We also learned to work as a team and increased our understanding about a software development process.


Being a part of Academy was an incredible experience and we can’t wait to share our final project version with you!



Niam team

Niam Team

Academy lectures gets more interactive

2013 10 16

Our sepaker Jelena held a workshop "Scrum and Kanban 101" and we were excited to see how involved our participants were!

Academy Jelena1

After the lecture participants were bursting with practical questions so everyone had an excursion to have a look at one of Adform team's Kanban board.

Academy Jelena2

Kill A Zombie is almost there

2013 08 08


Hey! One of our projects is almost parked! We are very excited about that. We are going to run stress test in Adform office next week to get initial feedback. Next step is to roll out this in Kaunas Technological University, where everybody can have fun. We also have advertising module where anyone can give away some valuable things for achievements in the game.

Here are some of the achievements of our game:

  • Warming up! Kill 50 zombies 
  • Serious guy! Kill 100 zombies 
  • Aim for the head! Kill 50 zombies in the head 
  • Aim for the chest! Kill 50 zombies in the chest 
  • Aim for the leg! Kill 50 zombies in the legs
  •  Aim for the arm! Kill 50 zombies in the arms

Here are some sneak peak pictures of the game. Feedback is very welcome, so don’t hesitate to share some criticism.

Unicorn 121203


Unicorn 121203

Follow up on "Make it usable!"

2013 07 30

Please take a look at our latest lecture held in Adform Academy.  Don't get upset if you missed it - you can download slides and come back with your questions. Ilja is more than happy to share his knowledge so you can contact him directly if something comes up!

Academy Make It Usable

Don't forget to register for upcoming lectures and lets meet soon!