Update on Data Export Tool Project

2015 04 08

Beer, tequila, money, Ferrari and our glorious Data Export tool. That's right, you've read it correctly. Since we have your attention, I want to present our Adform Academy project. It's called "Data Export - Like a Boss". Ironically, there is nothing fancy or bossy - just a tool which handles export creation with desired preferences and options. Sounds boring and exhausting? Well, think again. We are building a tool which (in the best case scenario) will be used on a daily basis by Adform teams working with Hadoop technology. 


So the project is still in progress...


It started on 9th of February. We have been given 3 months to deliver something that would look and behave like an export tool. We are not sure yet what is the complete scope of our project, but bare with us and it will be definitely an exciting journey...


Our visual deliverables:

  • Export tool





  •  Exports table



The last days of "Weather Extremes"

2015 03 31

All good things have to come to the end one day. The same thing happened with Weather Extremes team project. A group of great students together with even greater mentors has created a tool which shows you weather of any place in the world. The only requirement - valid IP address of specific geographical location.




The most difficult part was creating the high load system with performance of more than 30 000 req/sec. It would be a challenge even for experienced developers, but Benas, Gintautas, Nikas and Lukas used their strengths and delivered results faster than expected.
You can check their work here:




The last Weather Extremes project finish line was a retro. During retro mentors were focusing on how happy they are that students were able to accomplish great results when facing such a difficult task. On the other hand, students were acknowledging the fact that having 4 mentors is an awesome thing. Of course, some suggestions what could have been better were introduced as well.




To sum everything up, both - students and mentors - of Weather Extremes agreed that participation in Academy project is a great way to enhance your skills. If not development, then mentoring and knowledge sharing.



How does Web Developer's day look like?

2015 03 27

This week all the Adform Academy students gathered together to listen to Adform UX Pod Team Lead Mykolas Šaučiūnas lecture. Mykolas is working in Adform for almost 9 years, so he is a go-to person when you want to know what every day of Web Developer looks like.




Topics of Mykolas lecture varied between technologies, tools and methodologies which are used by Web Developers. It was interesting to hear not only names and descriptions, but also tips and advices which Mykolas collected during his years of work in various companies.




Nonetheless, in the end Mykolas mentioned that web development is a quickly changing field. You will never be a good Web Developer without constantly keeping fingers on a pulse - following the news, reading articles, watching conferences as well as trying everything out by yourself.

The finish line for two crazy projects in Kaunas

2015 03 24

A few weeks ago we had an exceptional Friday in Kaunas office – two crazy Adform Academy projects were finished and all the office gathered together to see the results.

The first crazy project presented was the “Fight Game”. Project’s mentor Giedrius together with team members Gvidas, Liutauras, Marius and Rokas wanted to create a simple 1 VS. 1 fighting game using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other technologies. After the team presented completed tasks as well as chosen technologies, they invited two people to play the game itself. Program Development Manager Dionizas challenged Junior Developer Eimantas, quickly understood how to control his character and won two fights. Everybody was surprised by the visual and sound effects of the game. Want to see why? Try the “Fight Game” by yourself here:




The second presented crazy project was “Robots at War”. An idea of the project was to create a robot application that enables communication with SQL database via browsers URL text box without using any user interface. According to the team, a person who wants to play creates his strategy, writes it down and the fight itself happens in seconds in a console view. It’s great if you want to take your mind off something for a few minutes and challenge your colleagues / friends with a great strategy.




After the presentations all the participants were asked what they will take away after Adform Academy project. Almost all of them agreed that the main thing which they’ve got is knowledge of how development looks in practice and how teams actually work. 

Huge thanks for mentors and teams, it was great to see how far you have come during these 3 months! :)