Greetings from the QA Academy Team

2016 09 02

Test Case: Hello World

Test data:

Students: Edvardas, Eivinas and Vykintas
Mentors: Aleksandr, Giedrė and Laura

Expected results:

By the end of the project we will have learned how to:
• Automate web application tests
• Scrape and analyze web data
• Manipulate cookies
• Compare information in multiple tables using different tools


After a few weeks of memorizing testing terminology and methods, we started our challenging project – Web Explorer. So far we have successfully tested multiple web pages for bugs, found out in which movies Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom starred in together, fooled a web page into showing us different targeted ads and many more interesting things.
We are very happy to participate in the QA Academy project, because everyone in Adform is very nice and helpful. The atmosphere here is great! We want to thank Giedrė for showing us the best testing practices, Laura for helping us with our automated tests, and Aleksandr for being the best mentor ever!

Thanks for reading, see you at the Vilnius office!

News from the Dashboardify Team

2016 08 29

Hey everybody,

We are the Dashboardify team from Adform Academy. Three guys: Irmantas, Martynas and Žygimantas, started working together in the middle of July with the help of our beloved mentor Žilvinas. The beginning of the intership course was a new experience to all of us, we've never been using technologies we use for our project. But since we have already settled down, our project is finally taking shape and we hope it will be great success.

About us in short: Martynas is so passionate about the Academy that he travels from Kaunas to Vilnius several times a week. Meanwhile Irmantas and Žygimantas are locals in Vilnius, so they don't work remotely that much and that's why they have better pool skills than Martynas :). Our team sits near the other academy team - QA academy, at first we thought we must compete against them, since not, we only compete against them in foosball (it's hard to play against full time employees, they have Jedi-like skills)!

We are glad, that we were choosen as interns and we will do our best on Dashboardify project.


(Our team, from the left: Žygimantas, 1st Cute kitty, Martynas, 2nd cute kitty and Irmantas).
P.S. we had to photoshop our image, since software developers are not photogenic by default.

Academy Lectures are Back!

2016 08 26

Hi there,

Summer is going to an end and everyone's coming back to town... So we thought it's time to invite curious people to Adform Academy Lecture! Matas' lecture about modern application of single page applications attracted quite a bit of people. We really hope this set a good start and we'll announce more interesting lectures soon. Don't forget to follow our page and register to the lectures.

You can find the presentation HERE and the samples of code HERE

If you've attended the presentation, you can provide Matas with feedback or ask questions.


Successful Finish and New Exciting Start!

2016 07 19

Remember our post about three young brilliant minds who thought they might make outdoor ads relevant?! They actually did it :)

Not long time ago Antanas, Dainius and Esraa finished their project and it was a great success. They've tested their system in Adform's Vilnius office and people were super interested in how it works. It's not that easy to describe but try imagining a screen which invites you to come closer and once you do, it scans your face, determines your gender and age, and then, finally, shows you a movie suggestion according to the gender and age. Sounds like something from the future, right? We bet it's going to be the next big thing in the advertising market!

While super excited about the success of our last project we started looking for some new talents. To make sure more people can spend their summer productively, we've launched two projects at the same time and hired 6 motivated students. So meet them and their mentors Aleksandr, Giedrė, Laura (QA) and Žilvinas (Dashboardify):

Good luck to both teams! Follow our blog, we hope they'll share their experience :)

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